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“Duck Duck Goose” family features in poster

Recently, the “strange family” comprised of bachelor Peng and ducklings Chao and Chi featured in poster “Makeshift Trio”—the “novice daddy” is “tormented” by his naughty “children”. What will they experience during their southward migration? Let’s wait and see. 

Makeshift trio loved by both adults and children  

On the poster of “Makeshift Trio”, Peng, Chao and Chi appear in a bathtub. Chao and Chi are having fun, in striking contrast to the panic look on the face of Peng. Actually, previously released trailer has already showed what Peng “suffers” during their journey: the two ducklings hug his legs tightly, calling him “mommy” when they see Peng for the first time; and when Peng wants to sleep a little bit longer, the ducklings pull his tongue and eyelids “ruthlessly”. This “makeshift family” will sure take audiences on a fun journey to the south.  

Star Chao, who has become an Internet celebrity, said in the interview that the poster reminded him the interesting time that he spent with Peng and Chi.“You all know that I always torment Peng, but in fact, we’ve already become good friends,” Chao added. This makeshift trio will surely take you to a funny adventure, no matter you are an adult or a child.

Feast your eyes in the coming winter vacation  

As a family film, “Duck Duck Goose” tells a classic “troublemaker and troubleshooter” story including cute and funny characters. It’s also a movie based on the road-scene tour. Along their journey, audiences can enjoy the breathtaking natural beauty of China created by an industry-leading technical team. The frame is bright and fresh, creating striking visual effects that traditional IDC rendering cannot compare with. Audience of the test screening said that “Duck Duck Goose” is as visually striking as Hollywood animated blockbusters like “Kung Fu Panda” and “The Croods”.

“Duck Duck Goose” is co-produced by Wanda Pictures and Original Force. It tells a story of “Best Flier”Peng accidently flied into a flock of wild ducks when playing with his girlfriend Jing. Two ducklings lost from the flock due to the accident, and Peng, who was asked to fly alone as punishment for his disobedience, had to take on the responsibility of taking care of the two ducklings. The “makeshift trio” then starts their journey to the south.


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