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A fun journey of goose “mommy” and his duckling “children”

Previously, Original Force released a poster with striking 3D effects of “Duck Duck Goose” which thus is expected to be one of the best Chinese animated films in 2018. Trailer “Duckling' s Adventure” was also released, revealing information about the funny journey.

In the trailer, aside from Chao who is known as the “cutest duck ever”, the other two main characters, goose Peng who is mistaken for mommy by Chao, and Chao’s elder sister Chi who talks like a grownup appear for the first time. During their dangerous, existing and funny southward migration, they slide on vast fields, fly into a karst cave to dance with fireflies, fight against a malicious wildcat, and the two ducklings even almost turn into roasted ducklings. The “makeshift trio” will surely bring a lot of fun to audiences.

Star Chao, who has become an Internet celebrity, said that the adventure is a “warm” experience, and “makeshift daddy” Peng is very heroic. In addition to Chao and Chi, there are also other funny characters with different identities and personalities, including a wildcat who is still a nightmare for Chao. Welcome to watch “Duck Duck Goose” , the road movie version of Zootopia.

Reports, posters and the trailer have all well reflected the high quality of “Duck Duck Goose”. After watching the trailer, some said it’s “like a Hollywood film”, and some said it’s a “well-made Chinese animated film”. These comments make “Duck Duck Goose” a highly anticipated film.


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