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​“Duck Duck Goose” appears at Jade Monkey Awards Ceremony

Recently, family animated film “Duck Duck Goose” co-produced by Wanda Pictures and Original Force appeared at the Shenzhen Jade Monkey Award after obtaining the biggest order from one foreign country among domestic animated films at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival, attracting the attention of many peers and media. On the evening of August 16, at the presence of a large number of animation companies which presented over 200 original works with IP rights, Wanda Pictures and Original Force authorized Brandwork (Shanghai) Culture Communication Co., Ltd. to be the brand promoter of “Duck Duck Goose”in China. 

Original Force, Wanda Pictures, and Brandwork will work together in the brand licensing, authorization, marketing, derivative development, and channel development of “Duck Duck Goose”, developing it into a brand with products covering the whole industry value chain.

“Duck Duck Goose” was born in Original Force. In the course of creating excellent entertainment content for customers around the world, Original Force has developed a large number of works, including TV drama “DreamWorks Dragons”which was nominated for Outstanding Character Animation at the Annie Awards. Jade Monkey Awards is known as the “Original IP Oscar”in China. It aims at exploring the potential of Chinese entertainment companies in creating original IP, and promoting IP authorization. In the context that cross-industry IP application has become a trend, Original Force plans to extend the IP application of “Duck Duck Goose” to peripheral industries, creating a value chain.

Animated film “Duck Duck Goose” co-produced by Wanda Pictures and Original Force at a cost of 200 million yuan is going to hit theaters in 2018. To develop this original film into a brand creating long-term profits, Original Force and Wanda Picture will integrate their excellent channels, like theme squares, theaters, hotels, and places for travel, expanding the brand to every aspect of the entertainment industry.


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