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“The Godsfall Chronicles” conceptual trailer revealed

At the Night of Chinese Animation held by Shanghai Tencent Penguin Pictures Co., Ltd. on the evening of July 6, Original Force announced the release of a conceptual trailer of computer-animated network drama “The Godsfall Chronicles” on Tencent Video. Also, Original Force, Penguin Pictures, Tencent Animation, and Tencent Games jointly launched the 2017 Penguin Pictures “Baifan Program” which includes the best IP resources in literature, games, and animation. At the event, sequels of existing animations, and new animations adapted from classical literature like “The Godsfall Chronicles” were showed. The first conceptual trailer of The Godsfall Chronicle was released at the event by Original Force CEO Harley Zhao, attracting many animation companies and media. Penguin Pictures Vice President Wang Juan, and famous e-literature writers like Hudielan and Tiancan Tudou attended the release ceremony.

Harley Zhao said, “The production of The Godsfall Chronicle is different from that of traditional animations, which will make the audiences feel they are not watching an animation.”

Among the large number of animations showed, “The Godsfall Chronicle” is one of the few realistic style ones. The pipeline (mainly comprising accurate motion capture system, and the 4th generation virtual engine) independently developed by Original Force has been applied in filming and post-production. It’s worth mentioning that the virtual engine incorporates some cutting-edge technologies, like real-tine ray tracing, HDR, and virtual displacement, realizing an amazing speed of more than 200 million polygon operations per second. “The Godsfall Chronicle” is a bold move in the animation industry. The “preview” technique adopted in production can shorten the rendering process while accelerating post-production. In addition, the technique increases the controllability of network drama shooting, it was reducing the risks in post-production and shortening the production process greatly. Consequently, the cost will be reduced. During the production of “The Godsfall Chronicle”, Original Force customized industrialized production and management standards to increase content quality and production efficiency, thus reducing management cost and production risks.

All elements in the conceptual trailer, such as the abandoned campsite, windmill, tents, weeds, vast desert, as well as the devil hunter who walks slowly towards the setting sun with his mount, are all as vivid as they are real. As a science fiction film, The Godsfall Chronicle tries to explore into the reason for the disappearance of the apocalyptic civilization. The story happens 1,000 years after the destruction of human civilization when the earth is not dominated by human beings, but two new species as enemies. In such a context, a new primitive civilization appears. However, this is a new world of famine, plagues, and wars. Without the protection of technology, human beings return to gods for blessing.

In the world of “The Godsfall Chronicle”, humans are no longer dominate the world: most people are dominated by “gods” like animals; and others, vagabonding in wildness, are contriving to expel gods, rebuilding a human-centered civilization through the survived few technologies that they have. “The Godsfall Chronicle” is adapted from the fiction of the same name written by Banzui Youzi on according to an idea proposed by Black Box Studio. With more than two million characters, the novel has attracted 95 million views so far. The film is directed by famous producer and director Peter Tsi from Hong Kong, and has been put into production. This realistic style computer-animated film will meet audiences on Tencent Video shortly later. 


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