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“Duck Duck Goose” obtains biggest foreign order at Cannes Film Festival

After its cooperation with Wanda Pictures, Original Force announced at theCannes Film Festival recently that it had determined distributors of original animated film “Duck Duck Goose” in the U.S., U.K., and some European countries.

Open Road Films becomes the exclusive distributor of “Duck Duck Goose” in the U.S.

At the 70th Cannes Film Festival, Original Force CEO Harley Zhao appeared together with filmmakers of “Duck Duck Goose”, and announced its cooperation with independent Hollywood film producer and distributor Open Road Films. As the exclusive distributor of “Duck Duck Goose” in the U.S., Open Road Films has included the film in its 2018 distribution list. “Duck Duck Goose” is the first original Chinese animated film distributed globally, and thus is expected to be the best Chinese 3D animated film in 2018. The participation of Open Road Films will surely promote its overseas performance, and set an example of Chinese animated film global distribution .

Open Road Films is an independent film distributor and producer. “Spotlight” distributed by it has grossed 45 million dollars across the U.S., and won the Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay at the 2016 Academy Awards. In addition, animated film “The Nut Job” distributed by Open Road Films was the highest-grossing foreign animated film in the U.S. in 2014.

“We’ve been expecting and are excited about the cooperation with Original Force”, said Open Road CEO Tom Ortenberg, “Harley is a person who always sees further and dreams bigger. Sandy and Penney are legendary animation filmmakers who have made a couple of successful animated films. and for “Duck Duck Goose”, it has original and impressive plots, lovely characters, and striking visual effects. It’s a great family film. I think it’s one of the most worth expecting films in 2018.”

“Duck Duck Goose” obtains biggest foreign order at Cannes Film Festival

At this year's Cannes Film Festival, highly anticipated family film “Duck Duck Goose” got strong orders from tens of countries across the world. The biggest order exceeding 10 million yuan is from the U.K., setting a new record for Chinese animated films sold abroad.

British independent film distributor Nigel Green will distribute “Duck Duck Goose” in the U.K. As one of the “Top 100 Most Influential Filmmakers”selected by The Guardian, Nigel Green has successfully distributed a number of Hollywood live action films and animated films in the U.K.

When talking about the performance of “Duck Duck Goose” at Cannes, Harley Zhao said, ““Duck Duck Goose” is constantly created by an international team from very beginning. We are very proud of the film for its excellent artistic design, impressive story, and breathtaking visual effects. It was jointly created by the team in Nanjing, China, and another team in Culver, Los Angeles. I think the whole world will love it.” He added, ““Duck Duck Goose” is just a beginning. In the future, more and more animated films will produced and made by Chinese animation companies and they will impress the whole world. It’s our pleasure to embark on such a journey together with foreign distributors.”

At present, the production of “Duck Duck Goose” has almost come into an end, and the voice acting cast has been basically determined. Zendaya Coleman who plays Michelle in “Spider-Man: Homecoming” will give voice for the main character. The cast also includes famous American comedian and scriptwriter Jim Gaffigan, and young actor Lance Lim who once appeared in Independence Day. The voice acting cast for the Chinese version has also been confirmed. Their great performance will surely not let you down.


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