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Computer-animated film “Wukong” will be put into production

Recently, the writer of Wukong, a popular serial novel originally appearing online 15 years ago, announced that the novel is going to be turned into a computer-animated film by Tianjin Motie Entertainment Co., Ltd. and Original Force. Original Force is responsible for animation. A cooperation agreement has been reached by relevant parties, according to which, the project has been launched recently.

Wukong re-interprets Journey to the West from the perspective of modern people. It’s a story about how Sun Wukong, a tragic hero, fights against the unfairness of the world. When the novel first appeared online 15 years ago when e-literature was still something new for Chinese readers, it quickly attracted a great number of readers, becoming the best selling e-book that year. Even today, it’s still favored by many readers as the No. 1 on the List of Youth Literature. Wukong’s writer Jin Hezai, known as a “pioneer in e-literature in mainland China”, is also one of the favorite script writers of famous actor and director Stephen Chow, and famous director Karwai Wong. He has participated in the script writing of film Chinese Odyssey directed by Jeffrey Lau, and the development of game Novoland invested by Shanda Games Limited together with another script writer Jiang Nan.

As the news that Wukong is going to be filmed was announced, Original Force as the producer of the film has been known by more people. In 2013, Original Force designed a computer-animated title for Tencent’s online game “Asura” based on the world view of Wukong, depicting big battle scenes at Huaguo Mountain with striking visual effects. Developed based on the novel of Wukong, the game successfully recaptures the sparkle of the original as the most expensive and excellent milestone computer-animated work of Tencent that year. With Hollywood’s visual effects, the title of “Asura” was selected to be played at the 41st SIGGRAPH electronic theater. This caused quite a stir in relevant industries. A media outlet even said, “This is the best presentation of Journey

to the West ever!”

The above success of Original Force has promoted its cooperation with Jin Hezai and Motie Entertainment in the production of computer-animated film Wukong. Original Force CEO Harley Zhao said, “On the one hand, we will work together to build another classical image of Wukong who has the feelings and emotions of common people, and graphically tell a story using striking visual effects. On the other hand, China’s computer-animated features will be known by the rest of Asia due to the film, and Wukong, the well-known hero in China, will become a hero of the world.”

Actually, the film is an important part of Motie Entertainment’s Wukong project which started as early as 10 years ago, comprising a fiction, comic books, live-action film, computer-animated film, and game. Original Force was selected by Motie Entertainment in film production. It is said that Original Force will also work with Motie Entertainment in game development, network drama creation, and AR/VR. With advanced CG technology, Original Force will assist Motie Entertainment in the comprehensive development of Wukong, turning it into one of the most successfully IP development projects in the booming animation industry.


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