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​Duck Duck Gose-Soaring up into the Sky- a stage play which favored by children will be putting on in July.

Here comes the summer holiday, a great show is coming. On July 28th, the stage play- Duck Duck Goose-Soaring up into the Sky will premiere in Beijing. 

If you want to have an early look, please buy the ticket at

As a domestic animation film which is shown most in the world, this stage paly comes from the self-created IP film of Original Force - Duck Duck Goose, which is co-produced by Original Force and Wanda Pictures.

This animation film tells the story of a dramatic tracing journey between a temporary “Father” and “Kid”. Chaw stars in this film and he is a two-dimensional actor known as dancing king on Weibo, more than 400,000 fans had followed him before the film released.

The film was released domestically on March 9, 2018, the stage play goes on the stage four months after the release.

The Beijing Children’s Art Theatre gets the authorization of Duck Duck Goose film stage, and has a strategic partnership with Original Force and Wanda Pictures to produce the stage play Duck Duck Goose-Soaring up into the Sky together. 

This stage play, as one of the five important plays organized by Beijing children’s Art Theatre, has been produced immediately after Children’s Day play finished.

The Beijing children’s Art Theatre has a long history and has created many high-quality children plays over the years. The cooperation will have a brand-new trial in arrangement patterns and marketing operation, etc.

As an important play coproduced by Beijing children’s Art Theatre with famous IP, the stage play- Duck Duck Goose-Soaring up into the Sky has attracted much attention before its premiere.

What will happen when the film is adapted into a stage play?

So far, Duck Duck Goose has completed a lot of authorized cooperation. After Wanda theme park, movie derivatives and children stage play, Duck Duck Goose has entered a high speed developing period. You will see the animated episodes and other related subjects in 2019

If you are interested in it, welcome to here.  If you want to know the latest information about Duck Duck Goose- Soaring up into the SkyPlease pay attention to Original Force.


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