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Wanda and Original Force team up at Beijing International Film Festival, creating animated films distributed globally

On the afternoon of April 21, the signing ceremony of the 7th Beijing International Film Festival Film Market was held at Beijing International Hotel. As a highlight of the ceremony, Wanda Pictures and Original Force signed a cooperation agreement on the upcoming feature Duck Duck Goose. As the industry leader, Wanda Pictures chose to team up with Original Force, China’s best CG animation company, to create the first animated feature film that will be released globally. With the booming Chinese animation market, Duck Duck Goose is expected to be distributed globally next year.

A-list artists create Hollywood-level visual effects

Jiang Defu, Senior Assistant President of Wanda Culture Group and General Manager of Wanda Television Media Co., Ltd., Original Force CEO, Harley Zhao, and Original Force VP of Strategic Planning, Zhang Suyue signed a cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties. A clip of Duck Duck Goose was showed after the signing ceremony. The IDC rendering, which is a huge breakthrough in CG animations, brought a strong visual impact to the attendants who marveled at the Hollywood-level visual effects and were amused by the adorable animation characters. Duck Duck Goose tells a story about growth goose Peng, and apair of duckling siblings had an exciting and fun adventure during their migration, and finally arrived at their habitat.

As the first Chinese animated feature that will be distributed globally, Duck Duck Goose assembles a strong team behind the camera. Original Force is the only Chinese animation company has a subsidiary in Hollywood, with over 60 top artists from Disney, Pixar and other studios. Chris Jenkins, the director of Duck Duck Goose, has been an animator and VFX artist for numerous well-known animated films. Producer Sandra Rabins was the executive producer of Shrek and Hotel Transylvania. Their participation brings international elements to this Chinese film, and ensures its great performance. Duck Duck Goose is considered to be one of the best Chinese 3D animated films in 2018.

Wanda and Original Force team up to promote the development of Chinese animation industry

As the biggest CG entertainment company in China, Original Force is the only Chinese company that hosts the entire pipeline of animation. With over 1,300 employees, we are committed to produce original films every 18 months.  

In addition to keep on creating excellent works with highest quality that can be adapted to the global market, Original Force also focuses on the development of IP resources in different genres, and their application in media like movies, literature, games, and web series along with the entire industry value chain. With the perfect combination of art and technology. Original Force has the industry-leading technology research and development ability, also working with other world’s best technology.

Since its establishment in 2011, Wanda Pictures has become one of the leading players in China’s entertainment industry, with business covering the development, investment, production, promotion, marketing and copyright management of TV dramas and films. Together with its foreign partners, it has produced many excellent films, such as Mojin The Lost Legend, A Hero or Not, Goodbye Mr. Loser, and Detective Chinatown.

With the participation of Hollywood experts, Duck Duck Goose has become one of the most anticipated films.. As more and more Chinese IPs are getting more and more popular, as a result, the general Chinese animation market has become more hopeful.  Duck Duck Goose is expected to be a milestone in China’s animation industry with its original design and advanced technology.  


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