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Striking visual impact - Technology + Art: Original Force Virtual Shooting 2.0

Thanks to the emergence of AR, virtual shooting has revolutionarily visualized post-production even in pre-production. Original Force is going to apply special effects for the upcoming TV series “The Tibet Code” together with a Hollywood team, creating a striking visual impact using the power of technology and art.

On the evening of September 17, Tencent Pictures "Joint Efforts for a Brighter Further" press conference kicked off at Beijing Phoenix Center. At the press conference, Original Force CEO Harley Zhao appeared in a virtual set of “The Tibet Code” and introduced a new VR shooting technology jointly developed by Original Force and Ncam. The new VR shooting technology, born based on Original Force’s independently developed UE4 pipeline and Ncam’s AR technology, creates a new shooting process that has never appeared in China.  

Generally, VR shooting requires the determination of actors’ exact positions in CG scenes. For example, when an actor is standing next to a virtual car model, complicated re-touch is required in post-production to prevent the car from overlaying the actor, thus minimizing goofs. The new VR shooting technology allows us to shoot with multiple cameras simultaneously, matching images with less time without using special tracking markers.

This means a new workflow which hosts a pre-virtual set that does not require sophisticated re-touch in post-production.

In earlier 2016, Original Force successfully developed a UE4 pipeline for shooting videos. Later, the technology will be used in the production of network animated drama “The Godsfall Chronicles”. Compared to traditional production process, the new pipeline adopts a “parallel mode” under which different processes in post-production are separated, not relying on each other. This helps save tremendous time and reduce production cost in rendering. Recently, artists of Original Force have met experts from Tencent and NCam in Shanghai and Beijing, discussed the possibility of developing a new virtual shooting.

Technology based on existing UE Pipeline technology for real-time rendering. A cooperation agreement has been reached among the three parties.

This new virtual shooting technology supports the preview of realistic footage being shot, allowing directors to freely create better visuals and improve the quality of the footage. Thanks to the “preview” technique, directors can quickly tell if their ideas have been realized or not, and easily improve the interaction between actors and CG sets, which greatly increases the ease of “playing with virtual elements”. Since the emergence of CG filmmaking, the realistic interaction. 

between actors and CG sets has always been the biggest challenge. In the coming future, this challenge will be increasingly tougher due to the growing demand of audiences on the quality of virtual shooting.

At the conference, Original Force also announced its participation in the production of CG/live-action film “Tuzki”, in which its new virtual shooting technology will play an vital role.



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