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Tiancan Tudou cooperated with Original Force to get The Rankings of Sphere and make joint- venture Film- 《The Rankings of Sphere -Holy Spirit》

Recently, Original Force announced that it had cooperated with Winfuture Media, formal agreements for cooperation were signed. They will set up a joint venture to operate The Rankings of Sphere’s series- 《The Rankings of Sphere -Holy Spirit》,to forge the boundless universe from Tiancan Tudou. 

Additionally, Original Force and Winfuture Media will make resources integration and play their advantages respectively, they will launch the development of the whole industry chains which contains films and televisions, animated show, games and derivatives.  

Tiancan Tudou-the president of Winfuture Media said that Original Force has set the CG industry benchmark after the work-“Asura”.After “Duck Duck Goose” showed up in the Cannes International Film Festival last year and set an overseas sales records, Original Force and Winfuture Media’s cooperation in 《The Rankings of Sphere -Holy Spirit》will open a new chapter of  “ Fighting Spirit and heroic dream”.  

SIGGRAPH 2013, CG Trailer of Commercial Animation- “Asura” was showed in the Electronic Theater

“Fights Break Sphere” written by Tiancan Tudou topped the 100 Valuable Creative Works IP in “Mopian Hurun Most Valuable Creative Works IP 2017” and its Baidu Index has been over three million. Besides, animation series adapted from it has already got over hundreds of millions views on Tencent and has had a total of 1 billion clicks in the first quarter.

“Fights Break Sphere”- cartoon

2018 is a year that many literatures of Tiancan Tudou were adapted to films, Winfuture Media owns many competitive IP of Tiancan Tudou. The two companies picked the epitome –“The Rankings of Sphere -Holy Spirit” from the Rankings of Sphere’s series to make it into films.        

Harley Zhao-the CEO of Original Force said that Winfuture Media is the only copyright operation company of Tiancan Tudou and constantly explore and pursue multi-field joint operation in “movies, televisions, books, games and cartoon” .It tallies with the strategy of Original Force, the cooperation will make both stronger and better.  

About The Rankings of Sphere

The Rankings of Sphere series is an integration of Tiancan Tudou’s three representative fantasy novels- “Fights Break Sphere”, “Martial Universe” and “The Great Ruler”, it rebuilds a big system of the huge world view. Additionally, “The Rankings of Sphere -Holy Spirit” , “The Rankings of Sphere -   ”and other unpublished new works are included in this series.  

Tiancan Tudou will be in charge of this, break the time and space boundaries between the past and future, rebuild the system of the boundless universe and the parallel worlds and show the progress of different world civilization from various angles.

The book of “The Rankings of Sphere -Holy Spirit”

“The Rankings of Sphere -Holy Spirit” and “The Rankings of Sphere -” will continue the world view system of “the boundless universe” and unfold the brand-new wonderful story independently

About Winfuture Media

Winfuture Media was founded in 2016 by the best known authors- Tiancan Tudou and he is also the chairman.    

Winfuture Media recruited talents who are expert in different areas , broaden the huge worldview of Tiancan Tudou’s series, and make in-depth development and careful operation of many competitive IP like “The Great Ruler”, “Yuanzun”, “The Rankings of Sphere”, etc. It dedicated to build a culture flagship brand in “movies, televisions, books, games and cartoon”.


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