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“Uncle Light” showed up at Original Force, shining for hours and inspiring for life.

“Uncle Light” showed up at Original Force at 2 pm, 16th July and began his lecture “CG art and the application of Substance painter”,which upgraded staff training of Original Force. His humorous speech, happy and relaxed interaction magnetized many new fans, which brought us great fun.  

“Everyone calls me “Uncle Light”, they may feel confused and ask “What is your age?” “About 60?”-no, in fact, I am under forty, ha ha ha… ” this is a very personal and unique introduction, he started his story with Original Force in his heartly laughter.  

Zhelong Xu AKA “Uncle Light”, a famous CG artist in China. He is one of the “first wave” of 3D artist and he is one of the moguls in CG field. He is now a famous artist with originality in the digital sculpture field. There are many fans in Original Force, whenever the news “Uncle Light comes soon” was released, many people applied for this immediately, there are also many fans sat on the ground during the speech. “Uncle Light” said “in fact, I am a “homeboy”, it takes me really long time to get used to so many audience.”      

“Uncle Light” received a traditional art education since he was young, his grandpa is Chines painter, and inspired he to begin his brilliant life in art. In recent years, “Uncle Light” dedicated himself to the digital sculpture education and has accumulated rich experiences. Meanwhile, “Uncle Light” is constantly developing new style and “product line” and cooperate with many high end company and brands, he has made “Fearless Journey”, “The Golden Age”, etc.  

During this speech, “Uncle Light” showed Original Force staff many of his personal works, includes “private angles collection, this is his first time sharing so much.” He encourages people to have diverse attempt, the results will always be something different, which keeps your art life alive. Some of Uncle Light’s works have come real, “the work on the screen and software differs from objects, and objects make much sense”  

This speech lasted 4 hours, “Uncle Light” interacted fully with Original Force, and people attended there benefited a lot from art to technology. Harley-CEO of Original Force said that we are focusing on the training system all the time, more and more big names will come here and share their story in CG creation in the future, and we will provide a better platform and chances for potential artists.      


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